Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t write as much as I wanted to this week! 

This week has been very eventful and exhausting!! The good part….it flew by…..but so did the weekend! ☹️

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday and to make it worse, Daylight Savings Time…..I like my sleep too much for this day. Anything that makes me lose sleep isn’t a friend of mine! 

This weekend was a blast! We got to start our weekend with a trip to the zoo. Daniel and I took our goddaughter and her brother, we love spending time with them!! The animals were awake and we got to see them eat! 

For those that know me, know I’m OBSESSED with photo booths. They’re memories and I love memories!

Daniel and I also try to make a habit of going on at least one date during the week, well since life has gotten crazy lately we’ve been slacking on dates. We went on a double date with our best friends! It was a much needed dinner, cocktails and ice cream! 

Our double date nights consist of dinner and COLDSTONE oh and Snapchat of course!

I’ve also been Spring Cleaning!! Yuck! 🤢😫 Thankfully, I cleaned out everything not so long ago so cleaning hasn’t been that bad. 

My biggest accomplishment this week was our guestroom!! After living in our home for almost two years I finally finished my dream guestroom. I wanted a room that had lots of Disney stuff but since it’s the guest room I thought Traveling would be a fun theme also. So….we got a Disney travel themed guestroom. 

Even though this week was busy and a little chaotic it was a great week in my book! Now I better get back to cleaning the rest of the house!! 

The giant map is a pin map to show our adventures and was Daniel’s first anniversary present. All the pictures are adventures we’ve been on.