“Family….where life begins and love never ends.”

I thought today’s blog would be a fun get to know me kind of blog. For those that know me personally know that my parents were divorced when I was younger and now they are friends.

Sounds pretty normal right, a lot of divorced parents are friendly for the sake of their children but I’ve been blessed beyond words could ever describe. When my parents got divorced they said they were better as friends, most parents say that while getting divorced but for me it was true.

My mom and my stepdad were married in January of 2007 and just celebrated 10 years of marriage, it’s crazy to think my stepdad has been in our lives for that long. My dad and my stepmom were married in August of 2013, that was the day we officially became a blended family. I was lucky to get three stepsisters- which was SOOOOO exciting to me since I always wanted sisters.

A lot of people think of blended families as step-parents and step-siblings but to me I think of my blended family as a whole. I love that some weekends we could it with all of my parents and all of my siblings.

SnapChat fun with my mom and stepmom.

We are a very unique family that I would not change for the world! Having a unique family means that I should scream it from the roof tops and hopefully teach other families that it is okay to not be by the books. Trust me, my life may sound like a fairy tale but it definitely took some time to get here. This is just proof that anything is possible.


I don’t think I could every thank my stepmom and my stepdad enough for accepting my brother and I into their families. Blended families are so much more than visiting every other month, I feel like I’m a part of their families when it comes to birthdays or holidays or even regular Sunday dinners.


My stepdad never had children of his own so when he met my mom he went from childless to have two kids. I can’t imagine what went through his mind when he realized that I had just become a teenager (my poor family) and my brother was his own kind of character. One thing about my stepdad is that he always accepted us from day one.

The person I feel bad for the most was Daniel, most guys have it easy and only have to ask permission from one dad to marry their daughter, Daniel had two dads and two moms. (My moms are very protective!) I’m happy to report he survived and we are going on three years of marriage!


All in all I have to brag that I am beyond blessed with the life the Lord has blessed me with. Sometimes the holidays are stressful since there are so many families to visit but honestly I would change the fact that my parents got divorced. I love my GIANT family more than words could ever describe.

Here’s to my big family, may we always love one another and be there for one another. I love each and everyone one of you and the memories we have made in this journey as a blended family.