Hi Guys!

Lately I’ve been on this cleaning spree, I feel like our house is so cluttered and it’s driving me crazy! Does anyone go through Pinterest sprees of organization pins?? I sure do! I do it with workout pins also, LOL and we know where those go! Nowhere!

Well, I finally finished cleaning majority of the house and still have little places to clean but I feel so much better now that there aren’t piles everywhere! But the next thing on my list is to start cooking more, I’ve been working at home for quite some time and I realized that I didn’t appreciate the 3 times to cook at home as much as I should have.

I always wanted to be the next Martha Stewart until I realized I’m only organized sometimes and I can only cook like 5 meals. Also, I haven’t been to jail so I may need a new mentor LOL!

I decided that I want to learn more recipes and TRY to stay organized longer than one week. Let’s hope I can do it! If anyone has any recipes or tips they’d love to share I would love to hear!

Let’s hope for some good meals and a clean house! Happy Spring Cleaning to everyone!!