July 2016

Netflix and Chill 

My mom loves laughing at me because I have a Netflix addiction! The movies are okay, until Disney is added of course! I get addicted to the tv shows, I can watch the same tv shows over and over again! 

Tv binging is like my speciality, Friends, Glee, Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives and more!! Popcorn and Netflix are my best friends, we bond even when Netflix tries telling me to get my life together! 

Gilmore girls is the best, it reminds me of my mom! I cannot wait the teaser for Gilmore Girls just came out and it’s amazing! All I know is before November 25th I need a Gilmore Girls night with pizza, take out, junk food and best friends! 

Glee is another show that I can watch (sing along) over and over! I do have to admit I’m like most girls, I fell in love with Finn Hudson! Music is my favorite and I need music to get stuff done so this show is amazing because I can dance and sing along with the show while I get stuff done. (Yes, I dance and sing my living room….no don’t judge lol) 

I just have to say that Netflix is the best ever, it’s an app that holds a whole lot of happy moments and feelings all in one. 

So to all my Netflix bingers, enjoy your shows and don’t forget the popcorn!! 


Disney is my Life 

For people that don’t know me don’t know that I’m pretty much obsessed with Disney. My clothes, my home decor, my movies and my music all have some sort of Disney reference. 

When I was 8 years old I went to Disneyland with my family, I don’t remember much but what I saw from pictures. Disney movies were traditions while growing up, I watched them everywhere and share a lot of really great memories with Disney movies.

I had a fairytale realization that I found my happily ever after when I found out hubby’s favorite movie was The Lion King (my absolute favorite.) 

When it came down to our honeymoon I just had to choose a Disney honeymoon and of course we had bits of Harry Potter in there also! Hubby and I LOVE Harry Potter and Disney. 

Disney withdrawals are totally a real thing, Disney movies and parks make you feel like a child again. I thought I would be the only weird adult that was super excited to be at Disneyworld but I was so wrong. 

Currently, since we aren’t able to go to a Disney park anytime soon we figured we could decorate our guest room instead. The theme we finally agreed on was a Disney Traveling room, we love cruises and love Disney so might as well put them together! I never knew how hard it would be to find adult looking Disney decorations so Pinterest has become my go to guide for ideas! 

Disney lovers unite, don’t feel alone if you are someone that misses Disney any day you aren’t there or when you think of Disney randomly! The fireworks and the movies are pure joy for me! Disney = Life! 

New schedule 

I am trying to get used to not having a job and not going crazy at home. Hubby sleeps in since he works nights and our two dogs drive me crazy during the day. I’ve always wanted to be a stay at home mom when we had babies but I never thought I would get to be a stay at home doggy mom. 

However, I have to admit this is not the way I wanted to learn how to be a stay home mom. I’ve made sure to stay busy and stay motivated! Of course, I’m so thankful for my family and friends that are helping with the positivity because without them I would probably be pulling my hair out already. 

Now the fun part, looking for jobs! The last time I was without a job I was in high school living with my parents with no worry in the world. Now I’m married with a car payment, a house payment and bills to pay which means stress and a whole lot of it. It’s been 6 days that I’ve been able to apply for jobs and I promise you I have pages and pages of places I’ve applied but still no response. 

I’m trying to use this time to relax and get ready for whatever job comes for me! I know this is going to be a blessing in disguise, eventually. 

Good luck to all you job hunters, I’m right there with ya! 

The picture below is what I’ve been using to stay motivated and to stay moving. I’ve read from a few places if you focus on finding a job 24/7 you will stress yourself out more so mix it up and make this time a good time. 

Sunday Funday

Today has been a wonderful day! I’m the type of person that it’s hard for me to sleep on a regular basis but this morning we slept until 2 in the afternoon. It was great for my hubby to finally get some rest and for me to sleep! 

So far we’ve watched movies and cuddled with our puppies. To make it even better it’s rained all day and the thunder has made beautiful sounds. 

Sunday’s have always been a great day to me, some days we spend the day with my family and other days it’s a day we spend relaxing. Either way when it’s Sunday I feel so very blessed for the many people I have in my life! 

I cannot wait for the rest of the evening! A bit of positivity is exactly what I needed! I hope everyone has a great Sunday also!! 

A New Adventure

Tuesday morning I woke up and complained about getting ready for work and missing the cuddle session with my hubby. Well, little did I know that after my twenty minute drive to work my world would completely shift. 

I have had the same type of job for five and a half years and I loved it! My members meant the world to me and yes, like everyone I had rough days but helping people made it all worth it. 

Yesterday, I found out that I would not be working anymore. First thing that came to mind was how am I gonna pay the bills, what do I do, what are we gonna do? I panicked. 

After some time with family I realized I need to take this opportunity and make something better from it. Positivity is not my speciality but I am trying! The way I see it is this can be made into a good thing. 

If anyone is going through this stressful, anxiety filled roller coaster of unemployment know that I’m here and we can go through this together! 

Something good will come from this obstacle! When one door closes another one opens. ❤️

Two wanting to become Three

Fertility….well infertility, it’s such a tough subject but sometimes talking about it helps the most!! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for two years. There have been tons of test, millions of tears and one heartbreak.

If you are trying to get pregnant I want to tell you that I understand how negative tests hurt and how baby announcements become a sensitive subject. But, I have to remind you to keep the faith. 

In December we were finally told that in order to get pregnant and stay pregnant I’d have to be on medications, I have to say I was pretty heartbroken but I had to stay positive. There was no way I’d get pregnant while being negative. 

I wish this could be an exciting announcement post but it’s not. This is a reminder that anything is possible. Hopefully in a couple months I will once again start hormones and hopefully 2016 will be our year! 

If anyone out there is hurting from infertility I am here and completely understand this roller coaster of a ride we’re on. 

Stay positive! All things are possible!! 

Oh, and Happily Ever afters do exist, don’t give up! 

Who am I?

Hello, nice to meet all my readers! I am new to this blogging thing, I have always wanted to start a blog but never had the motivation to do it! Well, now I’m happy to say I am taking the first step and starting my very own blog!

Here are some little facts about me:

I am a Disney fanatic, I love everything Disney; shoes, clothes, movies, vacations, EVERYTHING!

I am like a third Gilmore Girl, I’ve seen the show that many times! I wouldn’t know life without Rory and Lorelei!

I have two dogs that are basically my babies, my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about two years. I was diagnosed with PCOS- poly cystic ovarian syndrome in December and have been trying to increase fertility!

My husband is a law enforcement officer, he recently got the job so we are both still adjusting to this different lifestyle. For all of my readers that are a part of law enforcement I thank you from the bottom of my heart and for the “LEO” wives thank you for your patience and faith you have! I’m learning!

I believe in Happily Ever After and that’s why I named the blog the way I did. My name means ” Joy” and this blog is going to be about my adventures, my missions and my happily ever after moments.

I cannot wait to share more information and get to know my readers! Please if you have any suggestions please let me know! I’m new to blogging  so I’m open for suggestions!

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