Vacations……they are our weakness! Offer me a beach or Vegas or DISNEY…..sold, I’m going!

Do you ever have those days where you are missing vacation like it was a person? Well, today is one of those days! Last night I dreamed about the beach and all day I’ve thought about Disney World so to say the least I’m missing vacation.

One thing I try to remember about life is that I would rather make great memories and not buy the latest phone or the latest fashion trend. We have gone on cruises, road trips and camping trips (yes, I think it’s traveling) but I do have to say that I can’t choose one type of vacation as my favorite. Traveling is my favorite.

I am so in love with traveling that I have a bucket-list full of places to travel, Daniel and I started traveling when we got together and ever since then it’s something that we love to do. There are so many places we hope to see one day and we still plan on visiting our favorites, Florida, Grand Turk, etc.

What are some of your favorite vacation memories? Or some of your favorite locations?