My mom loves laughing at me because I have a Netflix addiction! The movies are okay, until Disney is added of course! I get addicted to the tv shows, I can watch the same tv shows over and over again! 

Tv binging is like my speciality, Friends, Glee, Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives and more!! Popcorn and Netflix are my best friends, we bond even when Netflix tries telling me to get my life together! 

Gilmore girls is the best, it reminds me of my mom! I cannot wait the teaser for Gilmore Girls just came out and it’s amazing! All I know is before November 25th I need a Gilmore Girls night with pizza, take out, junk food and best friends! 

Glee is another show that I can watch (sing along) over and over! I do have to admit I’m like most girls, I fell in love with Finn Hudson! Music is my favorite and I need music to get stuff done so this show is amazing because I can dance and sing along with the show while I get stuff done. (Yes, I dance and sing my living room….no don’t judge lol) 

I just have to say that Netflix is the best ever, it’s an app that holds a whole lot of happy moments and feelings all in one. 

So to all my Netflix bingers, enjoy your shows and don’t forget the popcorn!!