Tuesday morning I woke up and complained about getting ready for work and missing the cuddle session with my hubby. Well, little did I know that after my twenty minute drive to work my world would completely shift. 

I have had the same type of job for five and a half years and I loved it! My members meant the world to me and yes, like everyone I had rough days but helping people made it all worth it. 

Yesterday, I found out that I would not be working anymore. First thing that came to mind was how am I gonna pay the bills, what do I do, what are we gonna do? I panicked. 

After some time with family I realized I need to take this opportunity and make something better from it. Positivity is not my speciality but I am trying! The way I see it is this can be made into a good thing. 

If anyone is going through this stressful, anxiety filled roller coaster of unemployment know that I’m here and we can go through this together! 

Something good will come from this obstacle! When one door closes another one opens. ❤️