Fertility….well infertility, it’s such a tough subject but sometimes talking about it helps the most!! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for two years. There have been tons of test, millions of tears and one heartbreak.

If you are trying to get pregnant I want to tell you that I understand how negative tests hurt and how baby announcements become a sensitive subject. But, I have to remind you to keep the faith. 

In December we were finally told that in order to get pregnant and stay pregnant I’d have to be on medications, I have to say I was pretty heartbroken but I had to stay positive. There was no way I’d get pregnant while being negative. 

I wish this could be an exciting announcement post but it’s not. This is a reminder that anything is possible. Hopefully in a couple months I will once again start hormones and hopefully 2016 will be our year! 

If anyone out there is hurting from infertility I am here and completely understand this roller coaster of a ride we’re on. 

Stay positive! All things are possible!! 

Oh, and Happily Ever afters do exist, don’t give up!